Animal Kingdom Season 5 Ending Explained


As we try to get ourselves set for Animal Kingdom season 6 on TNT this weekend, should we prepare to have our jaws on the ground? How much should we worry about our favorites?

Judging from the latest teases that we’ve got on the new season, it feels like the answers to these questions are “yes” and “a lot.”

In a new interview, Shawn Hatosy (who plays Pope) had the following to say about some of the central themes of the upcoming season and, to the surprise of no one, family is front and center:

I think this show is satisfying because it’s like a family in that we all have our way of dealing with each other. Not all families like each other or are the most kind to each other at complex and challenging times. They get pulled apart and what works best for the Codys is when they’re working together, there is the pulling apart of them, but there’s also the coming back together and figuring out how they’re going to, not only get through a heist but evade whatever is coming their way. We do that in the season and we magnify it times 10, and it has a ton of action. The brothers rely on each other in a way they never have before. It’s emotional, what can I say.

We think the fear of death could strangely be one of the things that bonds these guys closer together. They’ve lost Baz and Smurf over the years, and they have an acute understanding that something more could happen to them at any given moment. We don’t think that this is something that any of them are going to be forgetting about, and we expect to see and hear more about it often.

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