Ellen Snyder Husband, Net Worth And Everything!


Ellen Snyder is the wife of Michael Snyder from his home in North Albuquerque Acres, New Mexico has remained unsolved for many years.

Survey Discovery’American Monster: Anything for You’ chronicles how an unlikely tip led to Mike’s body, ultimately leading to his wife’s arrest. However, prosecutors struggled to decide what to charge the killer with. So, let’s find out how it all happened then, shall we?

Details About Ellen Snyder:

Full Name Ellen Snyder
Nick Name Ellen
Marital Status Married
Husband/Spouse Mike Snyder
Children Son
Net worth N/A
Hometown Albuquerque, New Mexico

Where is Ellen Snyder now?

In May 2011, then 52, Ellen pleaded guilty to manslaughter with enhancement of a firearm, tax evasion and tampering with evidence. The defense claimed Ellen was a battered wife in an abusive relationship and feared for her life during the shooting. Some of her former co-workers testified to seeing Ellen with a black eye and arguing with Mike before she disappeared.

Why She Killed Her Own Husband?

Initially, Ellen had told everyone that Mike had escaped and was still alive. According to her, he was physically and psychologically abusive. She had also claimed that her husband was gay. The case hit a wall with no evidence until 2010 when a tipster provided information. He was a friend of Ellen’s son from a previous marriage. This person told police that Mike was buried in the backyard of the Snyders’ former home in North Albuquerque Acres under a concrete slab.

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When Ellen’s son was questioned, he told police what had happened and Ellen was arrested on February 5, 2010. She later told authorities that their marriage had crumbled over time, taking a fatal twist in the early morning hours of January 11. 2002. At the time, Ellen threatened to tell Mike’s family that he was gay, which infuriated him. Fearing for her life, Ellen grabbed a semi-automatic firearm from the closet and fired eight bullets at her husband.

Ellen said, “I start shooting. I don’t know how to use a gun. I shot at the wall. I shot the TV. I shot on the ground. I shot him. He turned to run and I emptied the whole gun. She believed that Mike would kill her that night, leading her to take a drastic step. But when Ellen’s then 17-year-old son tried to call 911, she convinced him not to, leaving Mike’s body in the hallway covered in a duvet. Ellen went to work, and a few days later hired a backhoe to dig a hole in the garden and then enlisted her son’s help in burying Mike’s body.

Ellen also had a forgery history and racked up a lot of debt when she was married to Mike. Authorities also believed she forged her signature on an account to trick everyone into thinking her husband was still alive. However, the prosecution had a complex case on their hands since the statute of limitations for second-degree murder in New Mexico was six years, and it had been eight years since the murder. Although they could have charged Ellen with first degree murder, it would have been difficult to prove that it was a deliberate act. Therefore, they decided to offer him a deal.

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