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Who Is Jesse Eging Abuse Survivor & Where Is He Now?


People are curious to know who is Jesse Eging from Evil Lives Here and where is he today. Keep scrolling to find more about the victim of child abuse.

Jesse Eging (formerly Rowles) is a victim of child abuse from Ohio. He and his half-siblings were subjected to torture at the hands of his mother’s partner, Alice Jenkins.

Alice inflicted pain upon 3 children whilst their mother, Mary Rowles became a silent spectator. When the kids escaped outside, Alice would lock them in their rooms or closets.

Everything could have been stopped if Mary had broken her silence in time. After years of torment, Jesse and his brothers finally ran from the house and reported the incidents to the police.

Following that, Alice and Mary were arrested and the boys were moved to a foster home from where they got adopted by different families.

Who Is Jesse Eging And Where Is He Today?

Jesse Eging, aged 27, is a child abuse victim who was subjected to inhumane torture.

He attended Chardon High School and he is a freerunning and parkour athlete. Moreover, he studied physical therapy and is a full-time Parkour coach by profession.

Today, Jesse is living a freedom-filled life in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Jesse Eging Siblings Tyler And Darrell Update

According to Beacon Journal, Jesse Eging’s half-siblings including Tyler and Darrell are doing well.

The children were starved and tortured and they still carry heavy trauma with them. Some of them even struggled with PTSD, drugs, and alcohol.

Danny, Caleb, and Marissa are also Jesse’s half-siblings. Marissa, the only sister died in a traffic accident in 2018.

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Evil Lives Here Explores Jesse Eging Abuse By Alice Jenkins

Discovery’s Evil Lives Here explores the Jesse Eging abuse by Alice Jenkins.

The episode is titled Locked In The Closet and it is set to air on 20 February 2022. It pictures the physical and mental abuse suffered by Jesse and his step-siblings as children.

Eging along with his half-brothers had a nice childhood until their mother, Mary Rowles, and her partner, Alice Jenkins started staying together after meeting in a gay bar.

Alice started hating kids and she began punishing Jesse and the other children. Later, they were pulled out of school, locked in the closet, and starved for days.

When the kids dared to ask for food, they were compelled to eat their feces. After facing the truth that there is no way out, the kids ran from the house and were found by a policeman.

Mary and Alice were then locked up whilst the children were deported to foster care from where they were adopted.

More About Jesse Eging Partner & Family Now

As of now, Jesse Eging is blessed with a loving and caring partner.

He has not started his own family yet. But he is teaching the art of Parkour to kids and is enjoying a blissful life.