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Spaceboy by Judes

Summer has gone
A new day has come
Dead leaves have fallen
I leave at dawn

I’ll fly away
Before the world awakes
Time will lose it’s place
Among the stars in space

Oh, take me home
Oh, take me home
Oh, take me home

Spaceboy you rule
This kingdom of fools
The dreamer that you are
Will fly among the stars

High above the Earth
A spiritual rebirth
Through heavens ascend
I’ve found my Imogen

Oh, take me home
Oh, take me home
Oh, take me home

New worlds await
Deep in outer space
Beyond the Milky Way With Imogen I’ll stay

Summers breeze
Touch the tranquil night
High above In evanescent light
Your dreams shine bright
Reflections on the lake
And in my heart
You’ll never fade away

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