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New Royalty by Living In Dissonance

[Intro] We’re taking over
[Verse I] Something you don’t see is how you treat the
People they listen to what you’re saying
I know that you think you are the best
But I can’t help to disagree
[Chorus] You should watch what you’re saying
There’s been a change in plans
We are new royalty
We’ve come to make a stand
[Verse II] We all see the truth behind the mask
And we are disgusted
[Buildup] Give us the throne
[Breakdown] This is the end of you
This is the end of the pain that you put us through
All you barbaric recreants
Oh how I counted the nights
Till I could deliver this knife
That brings forth justice for all
[Chorus II] Stand up if you hear me
This is a wake up call
We are new royalty
And we fight for all

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