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Mula by Shy Glizzy

Oh, I
I can make some Mula

I know Nick has got some Mula
On my Madula
Yo’ b**ch, she a choose’
I don’t wanna do he’
All I wanna do aaaa
Chase, chase this mula

Learn it the more, you cannot smoke shah
Act with wiffer after six o’clock
Baby, 3 m., that’s my f**king hour
Nigga, I got that sucker eaten up
I’m a money making maniac
I don’t write no raps
Write a f**king check
Nigga, I be in the trap
I be where the killers and the robbers at
On my block, we got a lot of crime
Joggies come and get a blast
We got a lot of scr*ps, do not get your ass blast


In troubled waters I know how to float
You niggas bluffin’ just like Curtis Doe
Damn! Pierce has got all of my niggas
Double G, b**ch, we the f**king realest
Just cause you breathing, that don’t mean you living
I’ll murder a f**king hive nigga
Respect you if you play, nigga
F&N, shoot at your face, nigga
I was f**ked up, but I’m good now
Chopper cried your whole hood down
I was f**ked up, but I’m good now
Chopper cried your whole damn hood down


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