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BUMP in the NIGHT by Frank Leone

Stay floating, black top wrote it
Riding round town with that motherf**ker loaded
Though my brain broken, stain left smoking
Riding round town with that

Girl, you looking outta place, clip the lace off
Throw it up and tumble off the cliff with the brakes locked
Flip the riff, I’ll rip your face off
‘Cause I only f**k with the leaders of the pack, Vic and Based God
Dotted thoughts, rotted noggin’, naughty rocking, knock it off
Independent thoughts in the trunk, drunk, drop it off
Nah, roll and blow ’em at the man, blam
Hand on the weapon, left the death for the weatherman
We are the lost forgotten nautical soldiers
Skull cracked, dull matter splattered on our shoulders
Hold back, nothing but the opps slowing up
The new Rockefeller rocking acapella till it’s over
Burner on the oven, murder over nothing
Kids in the cribs getting murdered over nothing
Heard it off the record reckon Kirk’ll think of something
But the sun’s down and he ain’t budging with the budget

So f**k that, one hit for the road
With it ’bout to spit five clips in a row
But it ain’t no joke
Heard that blow, blow, blow
Red and blue lights gonna show
Too cold, lock and load
You look like Rocky Road
Bump in the night, lay low
Afloja mas el paso
Dead of night I’ll fade in with the lot no rolling
Holy roasted eighth on Gaud
I’ll paint my f**king rage all on the pavement of the nation block
And ride with it, admit it, sh*t is critical
Over an*lytical, a little bit of piffing and I

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Stay floating, black top wrote it
Riding round town with that motherf**ker loaded
Though my brain broken, my name potent
Riding round town with that

Bump, lay low underneath the floor
Too cold, never let it let you go, like
Bump, laying low, piling bodies on the road
Yeah, I’m too cold, never let ’em let you go
Let it go, you gotta let it go
You gotta let it go
Tell ’em I’ll take the globe, just let it go

I’ll stay floating, drop top toting
Riding round town, rounds pop unspoken
I’m the King of the Middle of the Map, f**k the media
Immediate deletion, ease the fear of Wikipedia
People, the lost cause are causing a lot of losses
And your daughter dipped dinner to ditch it under the faucet
All is fair in love and war across the border
But the court ordered an abortion of core portions for the poorer
Mortar casings on the lawns for the wrongly prominent mechanisms
Neck severing dead endeavoring devils prevalent, system alert
You’re worded properly officer, not a philosopher, so wander on home
They gonna fetch the chrome and frolic all alone, we better off grown

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