Michelle & Nayte Have Proven Everyone Wrong


As Clayton Echard’s season comes to an end, The Bachelor fans are getting flashbacks to Michelle Young’s blissful season with Nayte Olukoya. Wondering what happened to the pair? We’ve got all the latest gossip.

From seeing her men play basketball to emotional tears, Michelle’s season was filled with highs and lows. One of her highest moments was falling in love with Nayte, to who she ended up getting engaged by the finale.

Nayte was just one of 30 men lining up to win her over but managed to do just that. We have done some speed-digging to find out how their relationship panned out in the real world after several fans doubted if they would last.

Are Michelle and Nayte still together?

Yes, Michelle and Nayte are proving the doubters wrong by remaining a couple, five months on since her season of The Bachelorette wrapped filming. She did end up falling in love with runner-up Brandon Jones but later chose Nayte.

He was the man to receive the first rose and kiss from Michelle, which was clearly a sign of their connection now they continue to remain a couple. Nayte said she embraced his true identity despite fans’ opinions he was a “red flag.”

They’re not in a rush to move in together, but reports state they are currently looking at homes in Minnesota. Now that they have sustained their relationship five months on, fans are utterly obsessed with the couple.

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Is The Bachelorette’s Michelle engaged?

Yes, Michelle got engaged to Nayte after they met on season 18 of The Bachelorette in 2021. He even received the first impression rose during the October 2021 premiere, despite having no idea how sentimental that move was.

She continues to wear her gorgeous engagement ring on a daily, which is often spotted on her Instagram pictures. Nayte chose a Neil Lane jewelry piece for the special proposal, where he was seen getting down on one knee.

If you’re dying to find out the finer details of Michelle’s ring, she wears a 3.2-carat pear-shaped sparkler set with 46 brilliant-cut diamonds and two tapered baguettes on the band.

Their bond since The Bachelorette:

Michelle has since shared how both she and Nayte grew even closer after filming was completed. During the After The Final Rose lives special, the ABC star revealed:

I think what’s so hard is that you go through this experience and you have these magical moments, and you leave, like, in love, but then you spend so much more time together. You get to text, FaceTime, talk to each other’s families come and get significantly closer.

From several public appearances such as Celebrity Family Feud to posing on many a red carpet together, they have their own intimate moments, too. They spent Christmas 2021 with their dogs in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

More recently, they were reunited and sunbathed under a blue sky together, and she has even whooped Nayte during a game of basketball. It also looks like a new home could be on the cards for them in no time…

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