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I’m Warrior by Lane Gibson Jr

I’m warrior, fighting for what is mine until I get it.
I’m warrior, chasing my dream until I get it.
I’m warrior, I’m gonna win this battle then I rise my flag.
I’m warrior, staying on my ground until I die.*2
(Verse 1:)
They nothing last forever, I’m gonna get through.
You need to get up I know is monday you feeling blue.
I put this life all my haters wanna see me screwed.
I’m reciting verses like I’m in a sunday school.
Government busy fighting against child abuse,
And I’m up against all the negativities, no need to get confused.
A worst nightmare is to live and die with no goal fulfilled.
This is a circle a need to break and I’m gonna standstill
My rhymes is like a heavy machine I shoot to kill.
This is a dream that I’m chasing,
Keep on hustling, fighting for what I belive in.
(Verse 2:)
Some people are on top, are you willing stop.aah aah
Nigga I’m warrior, if you’re willing to take a shot you need to become more real.
Education is a keys, madiba gave us a peace.
A real solder never betray
I will fight for my dream like a mission I will never fail.
I will fight for my dream like a mission I will never fail
This song is dedicated to everyone who wanna live without a limitation.
You better hold your ground and say enough is enough is time for revolution, I ain’t talking a bout ressuraction.
(Chorus until fade)


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