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Fear Games by Evy Raine

How can you be afraid of living
It’s out of your control
Just like dying
How could you be afraid of flying
All you have to do is spread you wings
And try
Some of us
Will never know
What it even means to be whole
So I cry
And I try
Cause I
Cause I, am not afraid
Know what that it feels too late
So you see it
It’s fear games
No I…
No I don’t want to live
In this life without the love
Run back into the sun
Some of us will stay the same
I guess, I never was
Someone who hated change
Cause this world has twisted and turned
Inside where it hurts
Somebody come and tie me
Because I am higher than I have ever been before
Some of us will never know
What it really means to lose
Cause I am not afraid
Cause I am not afraid
Cause I am in my place
It’s just those fear games
Fear games
Fear games
Give… give…
How could you be afraid of trying
How could you know the outcome
Before you go
So you take hold
And I don’t deserve, no
No second chances
No, no, no more fear games
Some of us only live half alive
So I choose to fly…

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