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California Love by Alyssa Light

[Verse 1] We fall, we climb
Sometimes, Sometimes
Our hearts, Are to wild
Sometimes, Sometimes
[Pre] I can’t believe
That I fell for
How I fell for you
I couldn’t see
You had me blind
But I had a good time
[Hook] Wish it was meant to be
My California Love, California Love
It got the best of me
My California love, California Love
Oooaaa, Ooo aaa
My California Love
California Love
[Verse 2] I knew, it was all, in my mind
In my mind
Though it wasn’t real, it still
Hurts to leave you behind, behind
[Pre] [Hook] [Bridge] It was just a moment that we had
Ooo aaa
Just want that feelin’, don’t need you back
Ooo aa

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