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Gravy by Schoolboy Q

Living felty to get it bump like song lyrics ooh
Hast stadincs and trafic, bad energy get insteady
Day and night like gleatest keep cutting man on the moon
Feeling manish like you will bump the planets
I’m gone with it ..on credicts

20 raps then we spinning raps
Feeling like a million buks
Buist6 girl wanting to uuh
Keep it G that jugle must
Creeping in that undersit
Ain’t mine but ain’t his
Wenting down then spending the ..
Back to the creepy handel beats
Lunch the balls and sound like G ‘s
Girl matemathics uuh
Vision it’s lot of stamp, I think
Never heard a whitnesses
Girl make sure I’m inocent, eighty shuts at eight killer
Sixty ..hell of the life
Done for the night, though up on night
For sure precize
For the G-s call us mouce, no rats
Everywhere it’s a trap, tal;king bout that white girl
Feeling god to be black in your own hood I see that
Brake it down to see that, bump on the feet back
Gone from the morning I let it soon as you on it feeling like I’m caught in
Gte ?m whatssup your whole programe
How can mess with us, no one man
I pop in slow man, kick it front of you man
Go rapping I show you
It’s like you rock it …
And your chick be open, easely I’ve been chosen
Come with me, I’ll be cool down
Back to that traps, with tha laps but they just no…
Won’t top the verse, put what they rap
Then the max …release and make it shake
Man the mugs boys but this one on his racks
Itunes that studing shuts
Studing stucks while rapping yeah
You fake side

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