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Fresh by Roxanna

I know what’s going through your mind
Every time I pass you by
Somehow it’s in the way
The way you look at me
I know when you notice me
Your scent arouses me suddenly
And I walk by touch your skin
Penetrates your soul
I feel your eyes on me
Burning deep, like ecstasy
I’ll be your fantasy
I want you
Crave the flavor of my skin
Feel the heat of my perfume
Touch my hips, ruby lips
Getting fresh is how we do
Want the sweetness of my kiss
Undo my hair all over you
Almond eyes, hypnotize
Everything that you desire
Get fresh
Get fresh with me
Let us have this one night
Don’t let the moment pass us by
Everything that you have dreamed
Is a dream that has come true
You are my forbidden fruit
And I know just how to tease
I’ll take a bite, you can’t pretend That I’m the one
seducing you
Feel my heartbeat next to you
Lay me down I’m falling through
Let our bodies tell the truth
I’m on fire, on fire?

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