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Beautiful Rose by Roxanna

Kind, that was the sound of your voice
True, a heart that just gave it self with love
Faith, your hands helped the ones you used to know
You were my friend, my dearest friend
Beautiful mother
Please, one kiss from heaven just for me
Tears that fill my eyes would have a way to disappear
Calm, the spring blooms within us like a rose
And you’re the memory the angel by my side
Still hear your laughter
It’s hard to realize
Life is now different
The silence fills the night
My beautiful rose
I want to hear your voice
You’ll be with me forever
Soft, your whispers guide me in my days
Hope, true love you gave me like a prayer
All, that I see reminds me of your smile
That is your gift,
It raised me up
To who I am, mother
When I’m lost, you will find me
With a kiss sent from heaven
My beautiful rose
You’ll always be with me forever

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