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Here With Me by Roxanna

What happens when your eyes
See him for the first time
What happens when your soul begins to wake
Does it feel like heaven’s reaching down
No longer here alone
What happens when you smile
And I surrender like a child
My heart unveiled
Like the softness of your lips I feel
Does it make you want to fall in love
How long I’ve waited for you
Here with me
I need you here with me
Can’t breath, can’t hold back these desires
I’ve missed you
I’ve missed you all my life
You burn inside this heart of mine
But now the day has finally come
I find you here inside my arms
Won’t be a day by without you
You’re here with me
You’re here with me
I could not love you more
With you I’ve seen
A life full of dreams
And all my joys come alive
That I may leave this world
Knowing that the best times were in your arms
This is the story of our love

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