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You And I by Ivana Zerdun

When I first saw you
I thought to myself
Where have you been before
When you reach for my hand
Time slows down
Only for that single touch of yours
When I look at you
My heart flutters
That is why I hide my eyes
And when you say my name
It’s like music to my ears
A beautiful melody made just for me
You and I
We’re driving down the road
The road where love is unconditional
And the real deal
You and I
We’re gonna reach our destination
And smile back at the memories
Of how we first met
When you try to make conversation
I’m talking back
But there are no words escaping my mouth
When I make a mistake
It’s only so you
Can step in and correct me
When you smile
My body trembles
I am falling for your grace
And when I leave
I’m walking away
With a smile on my face
I need you to see me
I need you to love
I need you to
I need you
I need you to never forget me

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