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Turn Back Home by The Pink Dust

Turned a corner the other day in my life and the street
Turned a corner this afternoon, didn’t seem quite right, quite right
Turn back home
I can never stop moving, I can never slow down
Heard what you said, turn me on, turn me on, turn me on
What if all your answers are wrong
Took an apple put it on a tree and took a turn for the worse
Took a name that I thought would fit and put it on my shirt, on my shirt
Turn back home
Started turning defective, started turning on dimes
Started turning back inside, but they all died, they all died, they all died
Turning, turning back home
Found myself down in Hollywood until the sun set down
Couldn’t stand the weight of the day, but I think he’ll come around
Turn back home
These times are changing, think it’s time to go
I would if I could, but I can’t move, I can’t move, I can’t move
What if we all did anyway, what if we slipped away

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