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True Love by Sonnie

She falls in love with the color of his eyes
The touch of his hands
And the warmth of his love
She counts the days, loves his embrace
Never knew love could feel this way
And she holds on tight, she doesn’t let go
She wants him to know
That the feeling she’s feeling isn’t going away
He sees the way she laughs at his jokes
He’s happy she’s his and he tells her so
They laugh at the moon, and the stars all around
They notice it’s dark, he has to go
And he holds on tight, he doesn’t let go
He wants her to know
That the feeling he’s feeling isn’t going away
As the clock strikes twelve, they share one last kiss
It’s not supposed to end like this
But they hold on tight, they don’t let go
They want the world to know
That the feelings they’re feeling just won’t go away
He gets on one knee and asks, “Will you marry me?”

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