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Now That I Know by Lauren Zweegers

I had you
I had it all
And now I’m letting it fall
I don’t wanna be somebody
Who doesn’t love somebody
We got a story to tell
Come on give me hell
I don’t mind
I’m alright
You say that I’m good to you
You say that I’m good
Am I really good
Sometime I wonder why we
Oh nah nah nah x2
Sometimes I cry late at night
I hold on
But I don’t feel strong
Late at night I cry myself to sleep
Thinking of all, everything that I’ve done wrong
Maybe I should just let go
Maybe I’ve had enough of this show
Now that I know that I can’t let go
Should I care, should I let go
No no no
No no no
No no no no
No no no nooo no no
I can let go

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