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Summertime Girl by Ryan Laird

Put on your ruby slippers pick you up tonight
Find a little magic
Crank the music up just the kind you like
Tell me what you want you can have it
No plans, no problem
I’m holding down all the stars girl if you want ’em
Just want to see that just right look in your eyes
Yeah yeah yeah
You’re my so fine, sip of shine
Bonfire baby
Yeah yeah yeah
You’re my July, fishing line
Fireball crazy
Bare foot dancing in the water
No chance this is getting hotter
Yeah yeah what I wouldn’t do for her
My summertime girl
My summertime girl
Girl thinking about you all day
Spinning around
Can’t wait to see you
Tear up the blacktop
Drop the drop top down
My kinda feeling is
Nowhere no worries
No place we gotta get to in a hurry
Just you and me under a stain glass sky
Just want to see that just right look in your eyes

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