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Stop by Doc Jazz

Wake up every morning to the sound of a machine
Shower, shave and brush my teeth as part of a routine
Breakfast is a one-bite snack and coffee is the theme
To wake me up and clear my mind from that unfinished dream
And I’m accelerating, never hesitating
I can’t afford to spend a moment meditating
Contemplation in this situation
Would make me hear my mind and body crying out for me to
Cool down
What’s the use of all this madness making life a pool of sadness
Cool down
You can’t do this everyday
There must be another way
On a rare occasion I was walking down the street
A man came up to me who had no shoes under his feet
He told me “You’re a lucky man, I can clearly see
A reason to wake up each day is what a person needs”
It was an indication
Of my miscalculation
Working hard will keep you from this degradation
Learning, earning, always keeps you yearning
Forever hoping that the day will never come when you will
And break down
You’d best keep up the pace or you will end up on your face
Never stop
Or break down
It’s a struggle every day
There is just no other way

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