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That Melody by Doc Jazz

There was a time when I
Felt so much despair
Saw how the tide had turned
Life seemed so unfair
Turned on the radio
Music filled the air
It filled me with peace inside
And raised me from my chair
Gone were the darker thoughts
Face turned to a smile
The battles I’d always fought
Were distant for a while
It may be the melody
Or the rhythm of the words
Each soul has its symphony
Waiting to be heard
It’s that melody
It’s the only one that takes away
The agony
Of having no home
It’s that melody
It’s the song that moves the heart
It’s a remedy
Soothing my soul
It took me some time to learn
The value of these tunes
But my mind will always yearn
For sunny afternoons
I’ll play on the guitar then
A symphony for two
The music will never end
It’s part of me and you

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