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Rot with me by Katie Dey

Let’s wait til it’s too late
We can handle strokes and heart attacks
It’s ok to hesitate
We already know it won’t work out
I don’t have any doubt
You’re my favourite way to waste my life
Stay ’til the clock runs out
No one cares if we were wrong or right

Just rot with me
In our little reverie
Out of our minds
Pain like a drill
In your heart
Still loves

Trees sway until they break
So do hips and hair and buildings too
No day to celebrate
When there’s so much cleaning up to do

So play with me
Life doesn’t have to bе scary
You can let go
All you’ve been holding so long
Good girl, good girl
Pull me apart my friеnd
And put me together again
Rip and tear limb from limb
And stay with me until the end

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