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Luchini by Jae Millz

Oh man,oh boy!1990 plus
Luchini coming from the sky
You can’t quit,boy
We pop the corps in a ‘

I’m wanted for spitting but it ain’t about me
Now it’s all about the presentation and the timing
Low quality,media,video
And in a main presence,mainstream ‘
Welcome to the rap game,now you’re on the radio
DJ spinning the record,you hate it though
DJ spinning your record,but they wouldn’t recognize it
Had a month ago ,just started praying a day ago
‘Niggaz ain’t addicted but I feel like they’re trying to block me
Stop me from getting to the ‘go’
Try to stop me from reaching to the ‘go’
Me and my Dalli girl,we’when it’s cold
She leaves on her way but she’s sitting on her toes
Caught on the camp floor
Caught on the dance floor
You can’t sleep with it until ‘
Father like grando,I feel like sh*t
You should fly the bando
A lot of niggaz say
They started it real low
‘ up town ,showing my city real low
f**king my apartment, that’s my fan,wow
We’re putting the problem
From the hand to the bran,though
And I’m the motherf**king leader
If you swallow them f**king haters
I will drip your f**king leaders
I ain’t f**king with you
But you ain’t f**king with me either
Both niggaz are rappers
You are some kind of motherf**king divas
Getting on my security I still got on my features
Still shining,still walking with that walk
And I ain’t even got a date yet
Cuple of niggaz might have passed me
But they didn’t say anything
And that’s a promise motherf**king nigga
Ima make it right

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Luchini coming from the sky
You can’t quit,boy
We pop the corps in a ‘

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