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Elantra by Rickie Jacobs

Don’t come and find me, love
I’m hiding from you, love
I miss you, come find me, love!

(???) your time was right,
Thinking ’bout your junior’s wife
Whoever’s ’round, when you think about it
Is it real, is it wrong, boy?
All these feeling inside,
Maybe I should just sleep it off
Don’t come and find me, love

I’m a walking contradiction
When I get down, I pin it down,
Invent my composition,
But I don’t write,
I’m always right
I move with good intentions,
I told the truth a thousand times
But people never listen, or barely pay attention
Remember, way back, I was tryna find a sponsor
I want to may back, but I settle for this Elantra
Had to make it fly, my brother within the Lex
I juggle just to impress, them speaker may be a threat
I’m only faded by greatness, everybody complacent
This is a marathon that we runnin’, y’all steady racing
Tell the kids the money gon’ come, you ain’t gotta chase it
Same thing I say about love, but love is ancient
Been praying that you come to me, I just miss your company
Inside this Elantra, I know you value honesty
I’mma be honest, I’mma take you where you wanna be
And I just wanna thank you for the good things you done for me

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6-95, I pull up to the exit
I hate the fact the scenic rout reminds me
Of my ex’s
At first, people listen like, ah, that’s hard to catch it
And then they feel some type away when
They ain’t on the guest list
I get it, I get it, I handle my business,
It’s hard when you’re working with niggas
But that’s what you get when you inkle your friends
Humble, but everything given
I change all my flow, cause I’m in it and go
I was just bumping Versache
See me how the music take over your mind
And then it take over your body
Word, listen, guys, I’m on a different hive
Recognize that things that make you happy doesn’t get me by
Sent a couple of textes to her, I just hope that she replies
Said she never got ’em, though, why the f**k do people lie?
Y’all too scared to be yourself? That’s the only reason why?
I’ve been broke for way too long?! I can barely keep a smile
But my son think I’m rich and that’s important
Just tryna leave my mark, every single day I’m growing
I’m gone!


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