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Lay Me Down by Comet Kid

I have been your best friend
I’ll see you again
When the dawn is breaking
We’ll see the sun is shaking
Life in all of us
Let me get you a drink
This night we’ll be out
Let’s dance until the sun sets
See how free our mind gets
I’ll bring you back to my place
Now you’re screaming out loud
I’ll say I’m not proud
Cause I’ve been f**king crazy
I said you were my baby
I took you for a fool
Lay down your sword
Hold off your tears
Lay it down
Lay me down
You said you don’t like my mess
But I must confess
I’m way over “love you”
It’s more like “I need you”
To save me from this hell
You looked at me with those bright blue eyes
Said you couldn’t save me
I never sailed the calm sea
In this storm I’ll always be
Lay down your sword
Hold off your tears
Lay it down
Lay me down
And I know, that all my life I’ve been chasing this
This feeling you couldn’t give to me
I need it to survive
And I feel, this empty hole that I have inside
Is filling slowly up
With stuff that makes me die
And I feel
That all my love is so obvious
Before I see it, it’s all too late
To get me on your mind

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