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Jamaica Me Crazy by Tiffany Hulse

[Verse 1] We flew down to Jamaica, for a little R ‘n’ R.
We found our bags at baggage claim, and rented a car.
We soon came across a building, with Bob Marley’s face on the side.
We decided to buy a little contraband, and we ended up inside.
[Chorus] Jamaican me crazy, in Montego Bay.
Don’t be a fool, always doing what they say.
You won’t have any stories, if you don’t go out and play.
Jamaica me crazy, in Montego Bay.

[Verse 2] Things got a little shaky, things got a little tight.
With that small amount of weed, we never made it home that night.
We had to hail a taxi, he drove us to the beach.
When we arrived, and opened the doors, it looked just like Chong & Cheech.
[Chorus] [Instrumental] [Verse 3] We stumbled back to our hotel room, just barely finding our way.
I think we were all just praying, to make it to the next day.
Next morning we awoke, the front desk called our room.
Our money was gone, our weed was smoked, and it was the middle of the afternoon.
[Chorus] [Chorus]

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