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I’m Runnin’ by Tiffany Hulse

[Chorus] I’m runnin’, I’m runnin’,
I’m runnin’ as fast as I can.
I’m runnin’, I’m runnin’,
I’m runnin’, from the man.
[Verse 1] Now one step forward, and two steps back.
I gotta keep going, I can’t look back.
My life keeps flashing before my eyes,
No family, no friends, I broke all ties.
The next train leaving ‘bout half past ten.
Doubt if this town will see me again.
[Chorus] [Verse 2] That big ol’ train stopped at the border.
Checked my passport, nothing in order.
They did claim I broke the law.
And then told me I get one call.
I should’ve jumped these rails a long time ago.
Now I’m stuck in jail with no place to go.

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