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Dirty Hangover by Alexthomasdavis

I wake up to dirty tunes by nirvana
Get a lift
From a moody llama
To your place
No drama
We drink and drink
Til theres no next day
Make paper planes
From the doctors x-rays
The target
Is dr dre
I pass out on a roundabout
Someone shouts you lager lout
I must say
I have my doubts
I wake up to dirty lines by dylan
I cant believe
What my ears are hearing
The pubs are
Still open
Time for another shot of whiskey
This late bar
Is getting risky
Im splitting
And spitting
Past the church lets not get hasty
My green gills
Are looking pasty
The floor is
Quite spacey
I wake up to dirty licks by hendrix
Get a nod
From a crucifix
In the churchyard
Mark my card
So its round and round and round again
Fill my cup
And ill say when
The buffet
Never ends

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