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Your Silence by Azure Ray

My silence shows a greater love and loyalty that you’ve ever known
Because your the one haunting me
What greater way could I of shown
Who cares how I had to find out the rest
I learned a little from you
While still never doing what would crush you still
With my silence
I wanted you to have all I ever wanted as well
Someone you could conside in
Someone you felt you belong
To understand
I know this has got to be a hard life for you
So I wanted to be your one
To not have to pretend
Your silence to me though
Means it’s true
You never plan to keep me
You should be able to tell me now
You should be able to tell me now
I’ve already forgiven what you can’t admit
We are one on the same
And you laugh my love away
Your silence to me
Means you were never going to keep me
Keep me

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