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Year Of The Snake by Me and that Man

I was born in 1977
In the year of the snake
I was raised among wolves
In the midst of red plague
My life’s been a struggle
With god, I forsake
My middle name’s trouble
Yet I hold no regrets

No remorse, no regrets
In the year of the snake

I’ve slithered trails since 1965
Raising hell is what keeps me alive
And I never bow to any man’s god
I’m the snake, so don’t tread on me
Bite you hard if you disagree
My venom is sure to give you great pain
I was born empty, nothing here to take
In the year of the snake

As the world goes down
We ignite the flame
We rise high and from grace, we fall
As above, so below
Our hearts like pyres, burn
We crush and we never learn
Compassion is not what we need
We fight for what’s right and we bleed

No more rules to break
In these years of the snake
From eternal slumber, we must awake
It’s the year of the snake

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