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Works Of Art by Paddy Nash & The Happy Enchiladas

Here comes Skippy carrying his pool cue,
Into the chippy fresh from the dole queue.
Good days he’s finally got some work.
He’s a good looking fella and it says so on his new t-shirt.
There goes Betty off to the bingo,
Hope she gets a sweaty oh she knows the lingo.
Eyes down no more smokey lights.
With a snowball in her bag she’s going out tonight.
These are times of transition.
Everybody’s on a mission.
We’re living in a big museum growing further apart.
But we are all individual works of art.
Skippy spies Betty buying a bacardi,
Sneaks up like a yeti invites her to a party.
All night he’s laying on the charm.
And she knows she wants to go but she thinks she’ll let him twist her arm.
[Chorus] Skippy and Betty have two things in common,
One they’re going steady, two they’ve never been on a jet plane but that’s
About to change.
The credit union have sent them on a holiday.

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