What Will They Think? Song Lyrics


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What Will They Think? by Pootie

The pole lit in the city
As we drove past the scr*per
Burnouts and billboards
Bent the neon scripture
I’ll play it as a joke
Knit shoulder
Tongue and choke
Crumbled and soaked
I’m a brick here to bore
Another guest of faith and chore
I can read it in your eyes
I’m the one that you despise
So save your stamps
Your guilt free strategy
Cry, kick and scream
Drown side
Pity me
But what will they think?
They say the world’s a mystery
And I have to find it learning history
Well, I think that’s a joke
If you want to find it, go
Go see what you can do
Long Island is burning
The frost turned black
The blinds are turning
Now what can you do?
Continue to be anti-dark blue
Routinized, thoughtless and futuristic
Everything you taught me
You got it all wrong
We all have it wrong
Here’s an idea

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