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Wedding Day by Rama Ramashia

Oooh know know know know
Girl oohoow
Girl nana
[Verse 1:summer boy] Ooh haaaha aah eee,
I wanna make you happy,
I really wanna make you the mother of my child girl,(Ooh haa ee)
Girl ooh aaha aah ee,(girl)
I wanna make you happy,
Wanna show the love that you never have,
You never get yee yee
[Verse 2:summer boy] Girl ooh aaha aahyee,
I wanna make you happy,
I wanna make you happy,
On our wedding day,
I can’t wait for the moment when they say,
I gotta say I dooo,(I doo)
I can’t wait to put something in your finger,
I can’t wait to kiss the bright girl,(girl)(oooh ooh haay),
Nnnnaaa more vibe,
I looove you,
I waaant you,(I wanna make you right)
I gotta haaave you,
Your mine,(your mine)
I looove yeeah yeeeah you
I do want you,(girl hoo aah ee)
Cause I love you very,
[Verse 3: summer boy] On our wedding day,
I can’t wait for the moment when they say,
I gotta say I doo,(I do,I do,I I do)
Girl ooh aaha ee,(put something in your finger)
I wanna make you happy,(kiss the bright girl)
Wanna make you,
I wanna make you,
The mother of my child girl yyeah ee,
(I do,help me)
Back to chorus(1X)
[Verse 4:summer boy] Girl ooh aah eeyah,
I wanna make you happy,
(Wanna make you the mothe of my child,
More vibe,
Girl haaa eee yeah,
Aaaah I love you girl,(girl I love you)
Oooh haaay
Remember this time,
We use to share,
(Use to make you smile)
I even introduce you to my family,
And my mama say,
My mama say,
She loves you girl,
You so welcome in my family,
Now come let’s dance,
Let’s dance,
Come let’s dance,
Let’s dance,
On our wedding day…

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