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We Came, We Conquered by The Diving Bell

When I was young and brave
I sailed with the crew of the Whiskey Jane
South and south and south
It got warm, then cold again

To the edge of the map and farther
We sailed through waters fierce and fair
To wonders that lay beyond us
To be the first ones there

We came, we conquered
The wild frontier
We asked and answered
Every question there
Til there were no more

She had a Pontiac like a pirate ship
Bent on risk and ill-gotten gain
South and south and south
To the coast, in a torrid rain

We sent men into orbit
Then got bored and brought them home
The west is won and settled
There are no more unknowns

‘Twas the dead of night and winter
When the wind began to whisper
There were lights beneath the water
And a song

So much yet to prove
But nothing to explore

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