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Thuggaday by Slim Thug

The only thing on scene I’d like to put an amend on,
Perhaps a little more room here for the vixens
Oh, we gon’ have a lot of vixens?
We gonna have so many f**king vixens up in this motherf**ker

This sh*t gon’ go through the roof
Goddamn, I’m sh*ttin’ gold these days

Nigga we made it
I got my own motherf**king day, nigga
February 25th
Thug Thursday
Top off in that drop hit, yeah,
Nigga, we made it
Pulling up in that gloss, like
Nigga, we made it
Came up from the bottom
So many niggas didn’t hate me
Now they saying
Niggas, they made it
Mouse life, living boss life
Yeah, b**ch, I do
And I f**k that bad b**ch that’s wid you too
Been the boss down south where my city, man
Ball wid the boss howl, drive them b**ch insane
Er’body know my name and what I claim ain’t eva been lame
Keep a couple cool chains and some cool frames
All about getting chased, money down the lane
And I move sane, and I drive ‘Rarri
In the Mac white GLoss, or whateva
Hey, I just keep gettin’ realler
Just stay bout that cheddar
I’m a young OG, er’body know me
Rollin’ with my trophies
Keep it down, shotgun, yeah, she gon’ ride wid me
Cause I’m a every damn fool, and I’m so damn cool
Pulling up in that Rollz, like
Nigga, we made it!
I ain’t platinum, but I’m already platinum

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