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This by Frankmusik

[Verse 1] Send your senetials
And your generals
And your arches and the man that said you’ll get upholds
Put your standards high
This is where we’ll die
History gonna see that only one of survives
[Pre-Chorus 1] And this is how it starts
Pulling us apart
Every word’s so sharp
Putting fire in our hearts
This is for my friends
This is for my foes
Now the world will know
[Chorus] Stand your ground
My trembling soul
We’ve come too far
To lose control
[Verse 2] And I’ve been here before
With danger at my door
Now I hold on to the things I know I value more
No matter how I try
There’s someone there to fight
My humble need for us ran us to a better life
[Pre-Chorus 2] But this is how it ends
Nothing more to mend
Every word I tend
Is my light into the sand
This was for my friends
This is for my foes
Now the world should know
[Chorus] [Bridge] The sun is coming down
And without a sound
Dust is settling in this place we called our battleground
I’m not looking out
I’ll just look within
Plenty more here right I see
[Chorus] (x2)
[Outro] Whoa, bestill my trembling soul
Whoa, bestill my, my trembling, trembling soul

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