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There’s A Place by The All-American Rejects

[Verse 1] There’s a place
Somewhere that’s between dream and awake
That’s where we’ll find each other
And I know that that sounds stupid
It’ll give us both something to find
When we were kids
All run-and-gun and back-talk kinda kids
We’d get drunk out on the sidewalk and we’d laugh ourselves home
Used to do that kinda sh*t all the time
And what I fight today
I always keep those yesterdays in my mind
[Chorus 1] All I want, wanted
Was to be want, wanted by you
[Verse 2] Cause when goodbyes
Get easy, we’ll all be alone
But why God, why?
Can’t this one just be even though
That I’m gearing up for this battle
Even if I know that I may never win
When you throw yourself away
Just to throw yourself away again
[Chorus 2] All I want, wanted
Was to be want, wanted by you
All I need, I needed
Was to be need, needed by you
[Bridge] In your heart, that’s where I’ll always be
Now close your eyes and I will never leave
It’s funny how I see us hand in hand
I miss you already, understand
That I know that you aren’t ready
But you don’t get to pick the day
That the worst one in your life will land right on
I can hear you beg for more
I can hold you in this song
[Chorus 3] All I want, wanted
Was to be want, wanted by you
By you, by you, and honey
All I need, all I needed
Yeah, was to be, just to be needed by you

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