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The Vice by Dashius Clay

You know some people like
Money, some like weed, some like pussy
I f**k with all those
I f**k with alcohol too
You just gotta unwind
You find your voice

[Hook] Can I get a double of crown
In one swig I’m a guzzle it down

[Verse 1] I love it when a women get her nails and her hurrr did. She want dick. Give her dick cause she earned it.
She want a bag. Bought a bag. Then she burned it. She got class with an ass cause she learned that. Huh. Dumb hoes get dissed. Got a gene simmons tongue. Which hoe get kissed. Some hoes get dick. Some hoes get fist. All hoes get dash. All hoes stay blessed.
Please line up in a single file.
Drinks in hand cinco de mayo
I’m in my black book
I call back Brooke
She sent smirk emoji
I’m a cat crook
No catagory just tornado
Give her half now, she want more later.
More or less.
U can’t hear screams through the Auralex.
That’s booth paddin.
She wann hit stick like she knew madden.
Then u mad.
Because I aint wave like a du rag.
Sucha douche Dash.
Not a news flash. I’m so use to brash.
They say I’m abrasive.
I don’t like u that’s why I’m evasive.
No contraception. No conversation

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See I have a tendency to get hooked on things real quick, and it’s not an addiction in my head but it’s like. it’s just something I wanna feel over and over again.
I like that.

[Hook] Can I get a double of crown
In one swig I’m a guzzle it down

[Verse 2] You see even if we even. I am still kind of odd…
Lyrical unguard. You gonn need a body guard.
U get split down the middle and gutted like a cigar. This was easy cake like singing la di da.
You rappers aint rappers. Reallly just a facade.
I get the keys to alicia. And you phylicia rashad…
Ur just an image. Considered vintage. Take what I want inside my city call it my percentage. So suck my 10 inch. Di – Ck. No cologne. If I see them heads boppin I know that my vocals is on. A little sazon. A little adobo. Beware of wolf I’m beowulf. I’m not good at sober. Plus I’m hooked on all these vices and I say motherf**k all your advices.

I hope you enjoyed taking that little journey with me
Just a little stream of consciousness
My vice is music, what’s yours?

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