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Technique by Tony Maxx

It’s all in the technique x8
Don’t worry about how I get it
Just know that I got it
These niggas hating
Man these niggas they be plotting
I be getting money
I be getting money yeah
I be grinding nigga
I be grinding yeahhh
Family and Religion
b**ch play your position
I’m tryna be #1
You always hating on something
Go get some money or something
Fake sh*t can’t be undone
Show me that you the one
Ima show you 1 mil
I done she’d 1000 tears
Feel like I’ve been grinding 1000 years
I won’t stop no time soon
Until I’m sitting on top of the moon
It’s all in the technique x8
All my niggas flip it
Like it was never there
It’s all in the technique
Yo hoe up in her underwear
You can’t steal my sauce
You can’t steal my sauce
Working harder than you niggas
Smoking on some crops
Gone and do yo dance
Gone and do ya dance
I like the way lil mama stand
I’m your #1 fan
Do that one more time
Baby ima throw these bands
It’s all in the technique x8

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