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Talk Of The Weather by Jesper

We are just two of a kind You and I
We know we could change things but choose not to try
We don’t do the right thing
But feel deep inside that we should
Surely that is good
We read the papers
But start from the back
We laugh at the funny isn’t feel back on track
We see what’s on tv
Then falled it and put it away
It’s just another day
So let’s get together
And talk of the weather
It’s just the grown up thing to do
We’ll try to be glad
And say it’s too bad
Things are not up to me and you
We take offense if you say we don’t care
There’s just so much misery everywhere
It’s self preservation to just not let all of it in
Where would we begin?
And we still protest when we feel things are wrong
Try to race access, you won’t stay for long
We’re counting our nickels while babies are dying of thirst
First things will come first
So let’s get together and talk of the weather
A new shade of lipstick saves the day
We form a pact, swear we won’t act
Doesn’t matter anywayâ€?
Maybe the sun does get warmer each day
But honestly it’s still a long way away
And things might go bad but sience nobody can predict when
We’ll be gone by then
Policy’s serving it’s self and not you
It’s fair I suppose sience well we do it too
We’d love to help others as soon as we fell we are done
Looking out for number one
So let’s get together and talk of the weather
We don’t have time to stat a fight
Surely some day it will be ok
And someone else will make things right
Ballooting the air space, infesting the sea
Questions too big both for you and for me
Simpler to choose ecological past our such
But it still cost too much
Are we expected to do this alone?
Nobody can save the world on their own
If everyone just would join forces
Then surely we’d win
Could someone just begin?
While we get together and talk of the weather
We take no credit and share no blame
Hidding behind, a blind lead the blind
Nothing changes with used one name
The rest of the world seems not nearly enough
To fear all the problems and terrors and stuff
It seeps through the cracks and comes closer and closer to home
On roads, literome
So don’t be surprised when you hear the bell ring
It’s time to pay penals for everything
The jew never did and that I never didn’t much more
Standing by your door
A neighborhood rapist and pedophiles racists
White color addicts and contraband
Just be prepared and don’t look so scared
‘Cause they’ve come to shake your hand
You all get together and talk of the weather
It’s just a sinner’s paradise
A day in the sun, life can be fun
When you learn to close your eyes
We’re all together we talk of the weather
We don’t make waves we get along
But things might get rough when we’ve had enough
‘Cause then we just might write a song

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