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Swing Around The Sun by Paul Kelly

Christmas comes but once a year and that’s a lucky break
For when it comes it leaves a trail of chaos in its wake
Miles of scrunched-up paper, yards of burning skin
An alcoholic vapour ’round the yellow-lidded bin
So when the day is over and your relatives have flown
Sink into your sofa with an addle-pated groan
But come what may on Boxing Day, don’t let a second slip:
For a grand new year adventure I know the perfect trip

Let’s swing around the sun
Let’s head out there on January 1
We’ll ride around the circuit, by now you know the way
It’s an oldie but a goodie, it’s our fondest roundelay
So play a bar from that well-worn repertoire
Let’s do another doughnut round that great big star
We might as well – I think it could be fun

Let’s swing around the sun
Every year’s a battleground and some you’re bound to lose
It’s hard to turn your fate around when fortune turns the screws
And if you come a cropper and you’re feeling insecure
It might not seem improper to decline another tour
But put your trust in travel ’cause I’m here to testify:
This zillion tons of gravel is the only way to fly
And I bet some day along the way your faith will be restored
Come sit beside me on the ride, I’m happy you’re on board:

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Let’s swing around the sun
Let’s wrap this lap and start another one
And by my calculations we’ll be halfway ’round in June
You should pack for all occasions
Don’t forget to bring the crazy old moon
We’ll go so far to come back to where we are
It’s just another doughnut ’round that great big star
Let’s clock up one more block before we’re done
Make this the greatest spin we’ve ever spun
Yeah, what the hell, I think it could be fun

Let’s swing around the sun

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