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Swervin by CaliKidd

b**ch, I’m swervin’
With a big body and perks
b**ch, I’m swervin’

With a big body and perks
Anacondas lurking, catch me lurping
Gotta get that person
I get it, but I’m tired of workin’
So, nigga, I’m swervin’

Nigga so hard I’m seein’ double
Bad b**ch fo’ me ain’t nothin’ but trouble
I see run sh*t as niggas fumble
back in high-school, I was ready to rumble
You need to step back and watch me tumble
Stayed on my tows, ain’t never stumble
Back in the day, I used to stay in the jungle
Why you still thinking you nigga so humble?
Boss sh*t, yo, nigga, like I’m Obama
Phoney hand niggas, I’m going bundles
Turn the stunt, get a hole, like Osama
Stay a week, like the Lakers, without yo’ momma
f**ked up politics, like Denis
Woman, I’m talkin’ sh*t, you can’t miss me
With all that sh*t, ron dick
Why you still tryna sneak this pass that weed sh*t?
Straight nigga, that owe me sh*t
I’m a young nigga, not sincere wid it
But you still with the games, you ain’t ready fo’ this
Man, I’m so ready, I am ready for this
How hard you gotta see, I’m not a pig(?)
Come wild, nigga, I was racing the streets
With the cocaine back, I stay on my feet
Bet a nigga stow hot like a dirty hit
These are the nigga’s so-so-so-so’s
Tryna tell a nigga how I switched up flow
Bang much, I know, like a bag of Joe
Swing it up the side like a corner stone
Hand on the wheel while I sit like the Pope
About that life you already know
Bossing every check when I’m at the door
So you never know
And that’s fo’ sure

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I’mma keep hustling, I’ll be fine
Tell on another nigga, waste my time
Do it myself, that’s my sign
A Virgo nigga, won’t drop it down
I’m gonna slick so greedy in my city
Bad ass get killed like shots city
If you lookin’ for a young nigga, come and get me
Just know that the magazine ain’t neva empty
(???) but my stomach ain’t eva empty
Two wings on the chrome grill, and that’s for Bentley, girl
But a nigga still ride ’til the tank empty
Love my city as much the buildings, (???)
Young rich nigga, keep it tied on

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