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Streets Of Gold by Skyblew

(Verse 1)
Tell me what’s the difference between living and dreaming?
Reading the book of life I’m just tryna find meaning
While I’m leaning on the dock of bay like Otis Redding,
They’ll lose their brains just for a buzz see the beheading?
And we heading straight for end times and armageddon
All the wrongs that I done I’m just hoping that I get in to Heaven
Let me chill just expanding my thoughts
Everything comes with a price I’m just cutting the cost
See I don’t wanna take a loss us gamers we competitive
My songs mellow heard a fellow call it a sedative it’s cool
I’m fighting for these souls on the line
Like shoes on the power lines I could build a shrine
From these gems like I’m dropping a clumsy jeweler
Or like unlucky Sonic you ain’t met nobody cooler.
Just my beliefs I ain’t tryna shove the lord at you
But in this crazy world it gives me something to look forward to you know?
[Chorus] Since a youngin’ I was always told
That Heaven promise it’ll be streets of gold
Streets of gold
It’s in my soul yo I always know,
That I’ll be walking on them streets of gold
Streets of gold!
(Verse 2)
No way it’s gold plated
I know you thinking that my views must be so jaded
But think about a Paradise with no stress
And no death no depressed Facebook statues so blessed
Oh yes I guess I’m living in a fantasy
No better place for me and my family
If so cool but for now let a man dream
He a be a king cuz growing up I didn’t have things
To hope for asking haven’t I found love yet?
Hands on text books it’s such a touchy subject
And we ain’t seeing eye to eye like Powerline
Life’s a goofy movie we laugh while the hours flying
Cuz time pass like a bid became a man from kid
Thought of Heaven now I’m tryna fix the things that I did in the past
Cuz your legacy will last long
In this pyramid scheme unaware of the capstone
(Verse 3)
Refer to the book of life when I need advice
Heard you only live once but I could of died twice
Ain’t that nice? I don’t believe the propaganda
Since I’m positive I open myself up to the slander
Take a gander in my mind stars made of emerald
Walking on clouds wings off of principle
Basically invincible racism diminished
No killing each other or police youth replenished
By the spiritual waters waking up invigorated
Free to live as one cuz we now liberated
From the ties that bind we newly designed
Finding forever common since that I knew we could find
Flying over the minds limitations we need renovations
A part of me meant for this generation
Cuz who gone be voice of reason through the seasons?
I say the government deceiving they call it treason

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