'Woman indicted in broomstick beating death of her 80-year-old

broomstick beating death of her 80-year-old

A grand jury

has indicted a woman on charges that she beat her 80-year-old mother to death

Barr, 65,

of Washington Township, is accused of striking Florence Dicriscio multiple times during a dispute on Aug

Dicriscio told police

responding to a 911 call from a neighbor that her daughter beat her up and

The extent of

Dicriscio’s injuries wasn’t discovered until she was evaluated at a hospital and

She was then

taken to a hospital in Philadelphia, where she died Aug

An autopsy determined

she died of blunt force trauma to the head and chest, according to investigators

Barr’s attorney, Mark

Bernstein, argued that his client acted in self-defense

Dicriscio was prone

to violence, Bernstein said, and attacked Barr and scratched her face on the evening

Dicriscio fell

during the scuffle and banged her head on the floor, the attorney stated

Barr barricaded her

door to keep Dicriscio out of the apartment because her mother “was out of

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