'Today’s daily horoscope for Nov. 9, 2022

for Nov. 9, 2022

The fallout after

a full moon can be a lot of things: a cleanup mission, breakfast in

What they

have in common is that they require a response to recent developments

The Mercury

square urges speedy and careful communication on the matter

There’s much

good that comes of asking how things might be accomplished, especially seemingly impossible things

Your reactions

to things may take longer than usual because you want to let things sink in

Understanding the

deeper levels and meanings changes everything about your experience

After you

make your point -- you will have many to make over the day’s discourse

It’s the

response of others that will illuminate the path to success

This ensures

that you’ll have the best start on your journey toward a gleaming goal

Your success

will depend on accurately projecting the future outcome of possible actions

In N.J.’s tightest House

race, Kean says he’ll win, Malinowski