'Today’s daily horoscope for Nov. 20, 2022

for Nov. 20, 2022

To be

half-interested in people or half-engaged in your scene is not your style

There’s a

processing that needs to happen to keep you from being oblivious to the key

Even though

you currently cannot conceive of how you’ll get where you want to be, you

There was

a time it seemed impossible that you’d ever be where you are now

You move

on opportunity before you even know exactly what it is

You have

a feeling about who you should be around, so follow that instinct

You will

come to the realization that some situations that were once a source of stress to

Remind yourself

of the qualities you prefer in yourself and others

You’re mindful

of how people you spend time with can change who you are

You don’t

need “yes” people around you to make you feel large and in charge

Eagles vs. Colts player

props: Jalen Hurts props lead the