'Today’s daily horoscope for Nov. 18, 2022

for Nov. 18, 2022

But to

advance to higher levels of thinking takes humility and willingness to ride out the tension

Who has

the guts to question things instead of jumping into the first logical idea? Who is

Everyone has

shortcomings, including the people you’ll deal with today

To identify

a weakness isn’t necessarily a negative thing because it allows you to work on

Those who

bring something to the table always enjoy the dinner better

In today’s

case you may feel you’re bringing the whole meal, and you’ll enjoy

There’s great

comfort in knowing what to expect and feeling confident you can give what’s

You may

stand at a distance, pausing to collect yourself and assess things

Because you’ve

already shown that you’re willing to work hard, others will support your quest

Deciding what

exactly that quest should be is the tricky part, of course

The streak lives! Devils

down Maple Leafs 3-2 in OT,