'Today’s daily horoscope for Nov. 16, 2022

for Nov. 16, 2022

Mercury and Jupiter

form a lucky trine shortly after Venus changes into her Sagittarian dress

The effect

is a bit of lucky magic and early evidence that the tides of love are

It will

be wonderful to say what you need to say, have it land gracefully and be

You don’t

believe that anyone’s time is more or less valuable than yours, and you

It will

take special planning to pull this off with today’s challenges

When being

around people is draining, you find energy in other kinds of connections

For instance,

through your special connection with animals, you appreciate nature and praise its beauty

Your good

taste will be called on as you host or assist a friend in hosting

It is

not lost on you that the one who controls details like music and lighting is

It’s easier

to study in a clean room or sing in a quiet room

How does Social Security

work with Railroad Retirement benefits?