'Today’s daily horoscope for Nov. 12, 2022

for Nov. 12, 2022

When Neptune, the

planet of fantasy, angles Mercury, the minister of messages, sweet talk is sweeter

This soulful

water sign trine sparkles up personal connections and adds glowy elements that give everything a

This is

what dreams are made of, and it feels okay to get carried up, up and

You’re confident,

you know what you’re good at and you certainly don’t need validation

The person

who recognizes your uniqueness will also steal your heart

While key

moments of a relationship may stand out in your mind, you’re careful not to

A balanced

view of the past leads to good choices for the future

Many are

prone to self-doubt today and will underestimate what they can do or perhaps be too

You’ll make

it your mission to encourage others, build them up and help them over the

You’re coming

to a time when you will need to show what you can do

Yascko leads Edison past

Lenape for program’s first sectional crown